Hello there! I made this website on 7 July 2020, as a way to group the resources I have on learning Azerbaijani. I am trying to make it as comprehensive as possible, but I am not a teacher.

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Anyways, without further ado. Welcome!

Hopefully, I can make this into a place where I can compile all the resources I have so far found on learning Azerbaijani, so that they no longer occupy so much space in my browser. 

Since this is the home page and I have recently created this website, this page will also function as a to-do list

  • Add more texts? Nothing concrete. I just want to keep adding things!

That’ll be it for now.

Completed tasks (most recent ones will be on top)

  • Add more texts to the ‘Second grade’ page
  • Put basic verb conjugations on the ‘Grammar’ page
  • Add some texts for reading along with their English translations on the ‘Texts’ page
  • Add a word list with a text
  • Complete sentence breakdowns on the ‘Sentences’ page
  • Add a grammar page
  • Add links to useful websites on the ‘Websites’ page
  • Add all Azerbaijani sentences I have in Anki as of 07.07.20 to the ‘Sentences’ page

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